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Fort Greene Park circa ’76

April 2, 2008

Here’s some pics I found in my parents house that my father took in 1976. It seemed like we were always in Fort Greene park, pops still plays and gives tennis lessons to this day! In one of the pictures you can even see the Twin Towers/WTC. Now I don’t know who’s the young lad in the pics but I’m sure he grew up to be a hell of guy lol!! Enjoy….

 001_0011.jpg 002_002.jpg 003_003.jpg 004_004.jpg 

012_0121.jpg 015_015.jpg 020_020.jpg 021_021.jpg 

022_022.jpg 023_023.jpg 033_033.jpg 034_034.jpg

Bonus: 019_019.jpg 018_018.jpg 

 The bonus pictures were taken on Clinton ave. between Willoughby and Myrtle. This is before we moved further up the block.

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