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The Huxtables in Fort Greene

May 12, 2008

Now if you’re in my age demographic or even a little younger, I’m almost positive that nine times out of ten, at eight o’clock on a Thursday night, you were in front of the boob tube eagerly awaiting to watch “The Cosby Show”. After watching a sitcom for various years, you’re prone to notice certain things, that other viewers may or may not pick up on.  One thing I noticed quite early, was that whenever the setting was in a school/community center/etc., before they would go to the studio shot, there was always video footage of the outside of a school(It was ALWAYS the SAME school!).  The school being shown was P.S.20 right here in Fort Greene. It was always shot from the backside on Clermont between Willoughby and Dekalb.  The front entrance of P.S.20 on Adelphi has “The Clinton Hill School” adorned on top of it’s doors, which was always weird to me being that it’s dead set in Fort Greene, but it also let’s you know that there was never a definitive divide amongst most common people, when it comes to the two neighborhoods.

       On another note, I’m of the belief that if “The Cosby Show” were being started as a sitcom in 2008, the upwardly mobile Huxtables would DEFINITELY live in Fort Greene. You can just imagine Spike Lee, dropping in for a guest appearance, and the jazz loving Dr.Huxtable making reference to the many jazz musicians who have resided in the hood! How many agree?!!



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