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Random Pics from my Memorial Day Weekend

May 29, 2008

I always look forward to Memorial day weekend because it marks the beginning of barbecue season for my family. Barbecues are my favorite family event, this is where you get to hear stories from the old timers about how things used to be in the borough. It’s always been interesting to hear these stories particularly because most of them take place on the blocks I walk on everyday. Here’s a few pics from my weekend as we grilled out in my uncles backyard.


yours truly on the grill     

admiring the newest addition to the fam

bknesto’s famous jerk chicken

bknesto’s famous ribs

my youngest looking at her l’il cousin

My uncle & my eldest child

my middle child

some of the oldtimers

some of my cousins

 my uncle(he thinks he’s smooth lol)

 my auntie & her grandson


the oldtimers


my cuz doing his mj impression

The next generation of clinton hillers?  We hope so…

I love my family!!

my cuz..proud papa w/ his son





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