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4th Annual Brooklyn Hip Hop Festival

July 15, 2008


Buckshot of Black Moon

Buckshot of Black Moon

      This is my first post that is not based in the hood but I had such a good time I wanted to share my experience. Wednesday night I asked my daughters if they would like to attend the Brooklyn Hip Hop festival on saturday to hear some of “daddy’s Hip-Hop”(it’s old school to them!). To my suprise they they gave an excited “yes!”, followed by a barrage of questions about who would be performing. I assured them that none of the artists performing are on Hot 97’s current playlist, so more than likely they wouldn’t be familiar with them by name, but they would have heard some of the songs…via daddy’s playlist(I tend to be REAL selective w/ what Hip-Hop I play in the house when my girls are home, most of it doesn’t span past ’97).

                 We arrive about 2pm with an hour to go before family day(12-3pm) is done. They had face painting, a dance contest, fashion show, a hip hop trivia booth among other activities for the kids. At three o’clock the performances start…

                 The festival was being hosted by the legendary video show pioneer, Bed-Stuy Brooklyn born VJ Ralp McDaniels a.k.a Uncle Ralph. The first introduced to hit the stage was an artist by the name of Zaki Ibrahim, she came  out accompanied by her sole background singer. In matching purple dresses under the beams of the sun, with the Brooklyn Bridge in the background, they came out with uninhibited abandon. The chemistry possesed between the two was great as was the performance…my oldest daughter even commented that they reminded her of Floetry (slightly different vibe but still very astute on her part).

                After a few more preliminary artists did their set Uncle Ralph announced that a few suprise guests were in the house. The first of which was East NY’s own Jeru tha Damaja. He rocked his classic joints “Dirty Rotten Scoundrels”, “Black Prophet” and “Come Clean”.  The next suprise guest was Keith Murray, a personal favorite of mine. Anyone who’s familiar with Mr.Murray knows he has as much energy as a toddler after drinking a red bull!! He went thru his verse on LLCool J’s “I Shot Ya” and his classic “The Most Beautifulest Thing in the World”(yes you read correctly lol). The crowd was hyped at this point! The other suprise guests were Crazy Legs of Rock Steady Crew and aspiring Congressmen Kevin Powell who is trying to unseat Ed Towns in the 10th congressional district(which includes Bed-Stuy and parts of Fort Greene).

                 Now My FAVORITE Hip Hop producer of all time, former Clinton Hill resident, the legendary DJ Premier formerly of GangStarr was coming on to spin a 20 minute set. Being in Brooklyn it’s only right that he sets it off w/ the late great Biggie Smalls, dropping the record out every few seconds to let the crowd finish the lyrics. A minute into the song he stops the record completly to admonish the crowd…”HOLD UP BROOKLYN…I KNOW YA’LL CAN DO IT BETTER THAN THAT! DO Y’ALL LOVE BIGGIE?!! DO Y’ALL LOVE BIGGIE?!! THEN RESPECT MY MAN’S LYRICS AND COME BETTER THAN THAT! He throws the record back on to pandemonium, it was like the crowd’s way of saying “Say no more Preme, we got you!”.  From there the crowd sang verbatim to damn near every song he played.

             Coming to the stage after Premier was BuckShot from the group Black Moon, another group of Bklyn representers…As soon as Buckshot got on stage he let us all know that he “came ALL the way from Franklin ave to bless us w/ a show” lol.  Classic after classic, the songs took me straight back to my teen years…”Woke up in the morning, hopped on the train & saw my man, he had a L in his hand, hiding from the beast…”.  Aww man, were those the good ole’ days!

                 For the finale it was the one and only, the teacher, the Blastmaster KRS-One. To try to describe it with words definitely won’t do it justice but the man’s performance, like all the other times I’ve been lucky to witness it, was unbelievable! Running through songs like “Sound of the Police”, “Black Cop”, “South Bronx”, “Criminal Minded” sprinkled with freestyles that ranged in topics from homelessness to voting, this man literally had the command of the crowd. I was shocked to look to my side and see my girls with “there hands in the air waving them like they just don’t care!”. All in all it was a great time, my mission to let my daughters experience daddy’s kind of Hip Hop was complete. I think they had a good time…I KNOW wifey and I did!! Other guests that attended were MTV VJ Sway, former MTV VJ/Sirius Radio DJ Amanda Diva and Brooklyn’s number one cheerleader(I gotta be a close 2nd lol) Borough President Marty Markowitz. Pictures are below:





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