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Latin Jazz Thursdays @ Lox Bar and Ultra Lounge

July 22, 2008

Falu y Su combo
Falu y Su combo


Last thursday was the return of Latin Jazz thursdays at LOX located on Putnam ave. between Cambridge place and Grand ave. Latin Jazz is a musical hybrid of rhythms from Latin America, the Carribean & African countries mixed with jazz and classical harmonies of the U.S., Latin America and Carribean. Seamlessly weaving these elements together live on thursdays is the Falu y Su combo.  The trio jammed, interpolating the greats from Miles to Tito last week; jazz to salsa, at times mixing both, they did and did it WELL…much to the approval of my dad who’s a long time jazz fan( me to him:”see Pop I TOLD you they were good!”). There’s not too much live music in the hood so come out this week to enjoy! I will definitely be there!! For bookings: (718)650-2933, (718)688-2974

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  1. eddie permalink
    July 23, 2008 1:40 pm

    Thanks for posting this. I live around the block from here and will stop by Thursday.

  2. Jay permalink
    August 6, 2008 9:45 pm

    There is also jazz at Tamboril on Myrtle every week.

  3. September 20, 2008 3:02 am

    Great look. I’ll definitely have to check this out.

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