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Music Videos shot in the area#8…on 9-10-01

September 10, 2008

Hey hood folks I know I’ve been M.I.A for a minute so i hope I have some readers left lol. But in between enjoying the last dog days of summer, getting my oldest ready for her last year of junior high, getting my middle child ready for her first year of junior high and being a newlywed, it’s been kind of hectic so blogging had to take a backseat. Hopefully I can get to posting more often…now let me speak on this video a bit.

                It doesnt seem long ago that my phone rang at about a quarter after seven on a monday morning. Calls this early in the morning usually get me nervous so my heart dropped when I looked at my caller ID and saw it was my cousin KB. I answered the phone with a urgent albeit groggy “What happened?!”…nothing happened as it turns out but he called to tell me that ” ‘Licia’s shooting a video ’round the way” and that I should come through to hang with him on set. Honestly, meeting Alicia Keys was no big deal to me, I’d met her before stardom at family barbecues and gatherings(KB’s brother Kerry and Alicia are good friends & production partners, he executive produced her last two albums).  What did intrigue me however was the fact that they were in the hood and in particular the location…”Myrtle ave. by Fort Greene park right across the street from the projects”  is how it was put to me by my cousin. I called in to work, took a personal day then proceeded to walk down Myrtle trying to figure out what specific locations they could be using for the  music video.

              It’s about 10am when I get there, an hour later Alicia comes out of her trailer freshly dipped by her stylist, ready to shoot the first scene.  Now looking around there isn’t any camera equipment visable in the vicinity but we’re told to follow her across the street…in Fort Greene projects(no one I know or have ever known refers to them as Walt Whitman or Ingersol unless there’s a need to be explicit). Walking through the courtyard, you can only imagine the disbelief of the residents seeing Alicia Keys walking through their PJ’s. I’ll never forget one young man who happened to be in his kitchen window as we were walking, he says “Miss Keys I just woke up, looked out my kitchen window and see you walkin’ through my projects..I thought I was dreaming for a minute!”.  We get further in the courtyard to see a piano sitting dead in the middle of it. Director Chis Robinson begins shooting, after finishing there, they shoot a scene on Myrtle and Adelphi then back to the courtyard for a night scene…I even managed to get a few second cameo appearance ; ).

As you can see I have the date this video was filmed in the title of this post and I’m sure the only reason I remember the date is because of the events the following day, 9-11-01. This video not only makes me think about the lives lost on that day, it makes me think how our lives have been altered post 9-11.  This video is the day before New York City would be changed FOREVEVER. Rest in Peace too all who passed on that tragic day.

EDIT- Please click this link to see the video:

Sony/BMG is no joke with with their product…they wont even allow you to share a video!! Enjoy nonetheless…


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