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Legendary Hood Spot#3

September 24, 2008





          In the spirit of back to school time I’d like to reminisce about the lunch menu in NYC public schools during the eighties. You had chicken patties a.k.a hockey pucks, fish patties a.k.a bricks, pizza on italian bread(as soon as you took a bite all of the cheese would come off…in ONE SOLID PIECE!), Ja-Faking beef patties plus the appropiately named “murder” burgers and “suicide” fries(even the faculty referred to it as such).  The brown bag lunches they gave for trips were even worse, it was either a peanut butter sandwich or a cheese sandwich that looked like it came via delivery from central bookings(atleast, so I’ve heard…). But if you had two dollars, thanks to Legendary Hood Spot # 3, you could get a hero, something to drink AND a bag a chips.

            TnT grocery and deli formerly located on DeKalb and Cumberland ave was home of the 1.25 hero sandwich. It would be packed in the morning with students from Brooklyn Tech, JHS 113(formerly Rothchild) and every other surrounding school. Even students like myself who didn’t attend school in the area would get a hero then hop on the bus to school(My Junior High was on Gold street across from Farragut projects)…sometimes my friends who didnt live in the hood would give me money to pick them up one to bring to school the next day. And trust me when I say if you bought a hero for lunch you were “the man” lol…even the home prepared lunch, made with love couldn’t compete! You’d catch people gazing at your hero then looking back at their Oscar Meyer baloney on Wonder bread in disgust. Almost everyone who went to school in my era and slightly before knows about TnT deli, so for giving me and others a more nutritious lunch than the public school system, I am stamping them with legendary status.


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