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LOX Bar…Let’s Speak On It…

March 20, 2009



It sounds all too familiar, a group of neighbors petitioning against the noise of a bar/lounge spot during hours of operation. Except this time as a result of the complaints, it seems the bar/lounge has become the target of every city agency within its bureaucracy. The FDNY, NYPD, DEP, DOH, DOB, NYSLA have all visited LOX Bar and Ultra Lounge since it officially opened in March 2008. I’m not saying at some point a business wouldn’t be visited by these agencies, but I think we would be hard pressed to find another in the area to be visited by all in such a short period time.  One agency even asked the owners did they make someone mad!


Now because I know people like to make judgments about places they have never stepped foot in I’d like to give some background information about this establishment. Located at 15 Putnam Ave. between Grand Ave. and Cambridge Place, Lox Bar and Ultra Lounge is owned by Laki and Arlene McLaurin.


Laki & Arlene



The venue with its beautiful decor is used for a multitude of events. Everything from sweet sixteens, baby showers, open mics, live jazz to retirement parties and memorials for lost ones.  Just last weekend a going home procession was held for a member of the Gibbs-Carter family who have been residents of Clinton Hill for over 20 years. In February a speed dating event was held by a great program called Struggles Corp. (Please click on the link to see what this great program, started by young Brooklyn women, is all about) to raise heart awareness.  Below is a link to the event where you can see some nice interior pictures of LOX:


In April a charity event is being held for autism awareness, a subject the owners are very informed about, for it hits close to home.  My point in writing this post is to bring to light the positives this business brings to the community on a stretch that has had much bigger issues.  Did we forget that the police had to shut down Grand for months on end a few years ago?  Did we forget how the corner of Grand was prior to the police shutting it down?  Do people not realize that if the Liquor Authority granted this business a license to operate in a residential area, then they are allowed to do so?  Yes, I am sensitive to people hearing noise but honestly, living in New York particularly near a commercial strip, there is the possibility of a restaurant or bar opening.  Welcome to life in the big city!  The funny thing is out of ALL the bars in this residential area, only a few have been the target of noise complaints by residents while also being accused of bringing a certain “element”.  I’d like to point out that LOX has never had any incidents nor has the NYPD had to visit, other than inquires about said noise complaints. The petition on LOX indicated it wanted to rid the community of this element…think they’re talking solely about noise?


3/23/09 Follow up- After being visited by the FDNY on thursday March 19th, the DOB and FDNY on friday March 20th, LOX was visited once again on saturday March 21st by the NYPD and FDNY. Neither visit resulted in the handing out of fines or summonses. As per Leticia James statement about urging city agencies to take action against LOX, the suspicions are confirmed that LOX is indeed being targeted. I’ve never heard of this many city agencies making one business their focal point as a result of a five people making a noise complaint. The fact of the matter is, these agencies besides the NYPD and maybe the DEP, are not coming to inquire about noise, they are coming because of  false accusations and complaints. There are various bars in the neighborhood, most of which create some noise for surrounding neighbors, but they are tolerated. When Habana Outpost is on from the spring to summer months, you can hear the buzz of people once you hit Fulton and S.Oxford, it seems to be tolerated and I’m sure if five neighbors had complaints about Habana Outpost, it wouldn’t prompt the Councilwoman to make them the target of several city agencies for reasons that don’t involve noise. Dekalb ave is buzzing with people all weekend, the neighbors, many of whom have been there for years before there was a succession of bars, seem to deal with it.  I’m of the opinion that the complaintants in this situation will only be happy with complete silence because before LOX opened up officially, Kush was the subect of their ire except it never went this far. There have been times since LOX opened up, the neighbors have come to complain to the owners, only to find out that the noise was coming next door from Kush. 

This was the scene outside on saturday:



Here is the scene inside at the same time:



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  1. BROOKLYNDIVA permalink
    March 20, 2009 10:12 pm

    I am soooo disgusted to hear that!! This couple is truly trying to live the american dream! Married couple,… parents …..Owners of their own business.. investing in the community, and you have miserably hateful people trying to make life impossible for them…
    NO! I Definitely dont think they are solely talking about noise!!!
    Lets be honest here.!!!

  2. bkbs permalink
    March 20, 2009 10:22 pm

    I live a block away from Lox on Irving Pl. I walk by there at least twice a day and often lots more on the weekends, and at all times of the day. I can honestly say that since LOX opened I have never seen any problems of any kind, and as far as I can tell they aren’t even that loud (compared to the average NY/BK bar or club). Their patrons are especially courteous as well, they keep their voices down outside and never block all of the sidewalk.

    In fact the only problems I ever have at that corner are the police ignoring the new stoplight. Oh, and that one dude who talks to me with a ridiculous new york-italian accent because I’m white. But he’s harmless, and funny, so it’s not a problem.

    Thanks for bringing this up though. We really don’t need the local business that really do care about our community being harassed and persecuted just because the police/da man needs another patsy to parade in front of the gentrifiers.

  3. PutnamArtist permalink
    March 20, 2009 10:43 pm

    I’ve lived in Clinton Hill for five years. Before that I lived in Carrol Gardens for over eight years.

    I got spoiled in Carrol Gardens. Between the subway & my home I had a choice of five watering holes in which I could unwind after a work day. Four of these joints were just one block from my front door.

    No such luck on Putnam Ave. For a social drinker like myself walking home from the Clinton & Washington C train station was a barren stretch for the first four years of my Clinton Hill tenancy.

    There was a place called Rain on Fulton near Vanderbilt for a while but it was quite a few blocks out of my way. Even though it’s location was an inconvenience I did start frequenting this joint. I liked the racially mixed crowd and the bartenders who were generous with buy backs.
    Rain changed hands changed it’s name & started charging an admission. I stopped going. Now that joint is a clothing boutique.

    I live two blocks down Putnam from Lox. I waited a long time for it to open it’s doors. I was in there as soon as possible. The owner is a nice guy who always remembers my name. I’ve been in there when a Latin quartet has played a few times. Loved it.
    And have you seen their back yard?!

    I have noticed that the times that I have been in there the clientele has not been mixed. I couldn’t and still can’t understand this. Kush is a couple doors away & they always have a mixed crowd when I’ve eaten there.
    The only thing I can think of is that Lox has a really bad selection of beer (Heineken, Corona, Bud, Red Stripe, the usual Bed-Stuy brews). And no beer on tap (as of the last time I was in there).
    Step into any bar in Park Slope, Carrol Gardens, Fort Green, Smith Street, et al and you will find a much wider range of hopped beverages. And all those bars have taps. Even on Myrtel & DeKalb most of the bars have taps and a more eclectic choice of beer.

    Can you tell that I like beer.

    Whatever the deal… I need to have Lox there. Long live Lox. Maybe they’ll widen their beer selection.

    And, you gotta admit, that Lox is a cool name for a bar.

  4. PutnamArtist permalink
    March 20, 2009 10:59 pm


    You are right about there not being any problems in front of Lox. The folks who are sometimes standing outside of it’s doors are actually quite polite as I’ve walked by.

    The big problems are the drugs being sold from out of that large apartment building on the corner of Grand & Putnam, the late-night prostitution and drug use that is practiced in the area and the proliferation junkies that lay claim to the neighborhood during daylight hours.

    Lox isn’t a neighborhood problem. It’s a neighborhood asset.

    One last thing.
    BKBS, I’ve surmised from your comment that it seems like you have not stopped & had a drink or a bite to eat in Lox.
    Why not?

  5. March 21, 2009 12:18 am

    Who the hell are these geriatric fucks who try to get to everyone to live by their sensitive habits? What else did you expect when you moved to New York City? If you want peace and quiet, go back to the god damn suburbs.

  6. BROOKLYNDIVA permalink
    March 21, 2009 1:47 am

    i wonder if some of the other bars in the neighborhood are experiencing this type of harrassment? (bars like ,havana outpost, sweet revenge, alibi)
    let’s call it what it really is… Harrassment!!

  7. abc permalink
    March 21, 2009 4:58 am

    would we be having this same problem if it was an irish bar in gramery park?

  8. Chica permalink
    March 21, 2009 1:37 pm

    of course not abc, lox wouldnt have that problem it were an Irish bar!!

  9. Jonathan Porcelli permalink
    March 21, 2009 6:15 pm

    As one of the neighbors who has approached Roy many times, we have only asked him to turn down the music and respect his neighbors. We all have jobs and families to support too so do t make Roy out to be some hero dpi g what we all do.
    . I was very happy to see more places open up on Putnam, inckuding LOX but if he doesn’t repsct our right to our homes what are we suppose to do? You can only call him or 311 so many to we a 2am on a sunday night before you feel like a fool.

  10. Bob permalink
    March 21, 2009 6:19 pm

    This is a typical New York issue and one which I have had a lot of professional experience with. Sadly the relationship between the owner and his neighbors has clearly deteriorated. The owner now feels like he is being harassed and his neighbors feel like their quality of life is being destroyed by an indifferent owner. It serves no constructive purpose to dismiss either. Just as it is wrong to suggest that long time residents should simply move it is unfair to not recognize positive qualities that Lox adds to the neighborhood. Most of this situation probably could have been avoided if the owner took a more collaborative approach with the local residents from the very beginning, including meeting with them prior to opening the bar. There is a way for the two to co-exist but at this point somebody should be brought in to try to mediate things. Often that is done by the local council member or the the area’s Community Board. The simplest solution is to:

    1) install appropriate sound proofing inside (and not just in the patio space). If the owners where planning to have DJ’s then he really should have installed it before he opened the business. A greater dialogue with his neighbors prior to opening would have identified this need.

    2) Change the sound levels so that the bass is lowered (the residents are correct about the effect on their quality of life that bass vibrations cause).

    3) Close the patio at an agreed upon hour while keeping the interior open.

    4) Keep all doors and windows closed, even during the warmer months.

    Clearly some of the above remedies will cost the owner money in terms of expense or lost revenue but this is the responsibility that they bare for operating such an establishment in a clearly residential area/building. Other types of bars, such as ones without DJ’s do not have the same community impact.

  11. Jonathan Porcelli permalink
    March 21, 2009 6:21 pm

    As one of the neighbors who has approached Roy many times, we have only asked him to turn down the music and respect his neighbors. We all have jobs and families to support too so don’t make Roy out to be some hero doing what we all do.

    I was very happy to see more places open up on Putnam, inckuding LOX but if he doesn’t repsct our right to our homes what are we suppose to do? You can only call him or 311 so many to we a 2am on a sunday night before you feel like a fool.

    I invite any of you to my apartment at 2am so you can hear for yourselves. Which I have done with Roy in the past too.

  12. Jonathan Porcelli permalink
    March 21, 2009 6:31 pm

    I also ask any of you to ask the girl who lived above Lox and had to move out what she thinks. Yes she was black.

  13. buddy permalink
    March 22, 2009 11:04 pm

    It’s a nice looking place, its patrons are courteous, but come on. Of there is a DJ pplaying music late at night, you don’t think that it is at all possible that it could be disturbing the people around it? Those other bars mentioned don’t morph into a club past midnight as lox does.

    I generally like your blog, but using terms like harrassment and suggesting this is happening because lox’s owners are black is disappointing. That you enjoy the place and like the owners have blinded you into thinking that there is absolutely no possibilty whatsover that noise from bass lines can be disturbing to lox’s neighbors. Open your eyes.

  14. March 22, 2009 11:49 pm

    Oh my god! Someone has a business in a commercial space and they make noise! Don’t they know it’s their immediate responsibility to satisfy all the whims and needs of local residents!

    Seriously, invest in some ear plugs or move back to the suburbs. It’s probably a more conducive atmosphere for raising children to be as bland and racist as their parents anyway.

  15. buddy permalink
    March 23, 2009 12:32 am


    Whereabouts do you live in the neighborhood? I bet it’s not close to LOX. LOX is probably a place you like going to, where you can have a drink or two, listen to loud music, and then walk home to a block away from the noise, where you can get away from the thumping of a club. I like the way you dismiss the noise of LOX simply as a “business in a commerical space” – as if a bodega, dry cleaner, or hair salon were as this noisy. It’s a total case of NIMBY.

  16. Bob permalink
    March 23, 2009 4:19 am

    Sadly this chain has degenerated into accusations that some neighbors are “harassing” the owners and calls that these neighbors simply move if they do not like the nouse. It would be much more constructive for people to recognize that this is a legitimate community concern for both the local residents who are having there rights to a restful home infringed upon as well as the owner’s right to run a business and provide for their family. Instead of people taking sides it would be more constructive to talk about how the two can co-exist. Once again I suggest bringing in a third party to mediate a dialogue that helps develop protocols which respect both the bar/club operators and their neighbors. This is possible and is done all the time in the City of New York.

  17. bklynk permalink
    March 23, 2009 1:01 pm

    Lox (and the damn dogs at the T-shirt shop while we’re at it) is an assault on a basic quality of life issue every single week, 3x a week, pure and simple. Lox is not a pub or a bar, it’s a nightclub, pure and simple. This is not a matter of asking a bar to close up the patio at 12 midnight. Lox doesn’t get going until 12 midnight. A nightclub has no business smack dab in the middle of a residential neighborhood. And the race card is bogus. Sleep comes in all colors, except when it doesn’t.

    I would like to see Mr. and Mrs. McLaurin tucking their children in on a quiet Sunday night in a small house next or across or catty corner from Lox (Lox’s noise has affected Grand Avenue, Putnam and Cambridge Place residents). I’d like to see this same couple expain to their kids when they wake up at 2:00 in the morning that, hey, people want to have fun, so they’ll just have to deal with school the next day without sleep. Again.

    Furthermore, Wakim Widdi, the owner of Lox’s building (and the T-shirt shop, which insists on keeping a dog in the yard 24/7) needs to be held accountable, too. How he allows half the crap that goes on “his” stretch is unimaginable to me.

    — bklynk

  18. March 23, 2009 3:30 pm

    I’m so sick of the double standards that are so often presented on this site. So you’re telling me that if a “gentrifiying” white guy opened a bar and seriously disturbed “old time” neighbors with noise and other quality of life violations, the responses here wouldn’t be different? Telling people to simply move is not always an option. I live in a rent stabilized building for example and would be hard pressed to find something my family could afford anywhere near Manhattan where I work. It would be devastating if a bar opened up anywhere near me and we had to deal with the kind of noise pollution that is at the heart of this matter. Yes we live in a city and have to deal with lots of inconveniences but as a community should work together to find compromise. The steps outlined by Bob seem like a good start. I’m sorry but even in a noisy city the needs of the “noisy” do not automatically trump those of others.

  19. bknesto permalink
    March 23, 2009 8:26 pm

    Yes the term harassment was used in this case because after the neighbors calls to 311 forces the police to come out, they have found that LOX is not breaking any noise ordinances. If they were fines wouldve been handed out. So because this not to the satisfaction of a handful of ppl, the next step is to call city agencies to make complaints that have nothing to do with noise?! So if the NYPD can’t find that there are laws being broken, the next course of action is to burden the city bureacracy with false complaints, with the hopes that some OTHER violations are found? You tell me what you would call it?!

    LOX isn’t a club just like Moes, Franks Lounge, or Sweet Revenge isnt a club, all of whom employ DJ’s. And so what if it picks up at 12, I hate to break it to you but in the city that never sleeps, most ppl don’t even leave to go out before 12 on weekends. And please with the tucking your kid at night nonsense, this is the city, there are sounds of the city. When ppl are partying in LES, Williamsburg, Hells Kitchen and wherever else in this city, there’s also residents in these areas, presumably some with kiids who are dealing. I grew up hearing the screeching breaks and loud engines of the b38 bus, the gtrain, car horns and whatever else can be sounds of the city. I like many in this city for generations dealt with it and got many nights of good sleep.

  20. bknesto permalink
    March 23, 2009 8:32 pm

    Oh yeah I want to address the making someone out to be a hero statement. That was some real sideways shit to say. If you read my post I said because ppl like to make judments about places they have never visited, I would give some background about the establishment. It was just facts my man unlike your claim that the young black lady had to move because of LOX. Are you talking about the young black lady with the short haircut who continues to reside above LOX? Just for the record I used to see her around quite often before we had become real cool…And where did we meet and build this rapport?! Yes…LOX, where I have seen her frequently.

  21. bklynk permalink
    March 23, 2009 8:46 pm

    where do you “defenders” live? do you even live in the earshot vicinity of Lox — putnam, bottom of grand or bottom of Cambridge Place. People challenge those who haven’t gone in to Lox (and why would I give them my business, honestly, when they are making my family’s life miserable?). Do you even know what it sounds like at 2 in the morning on a weekend or sunday night, esp in the warmer weather when the party continues out on their patio, which abuts scores of residents’ apartments and homes. Move? Why the hell should I. I’ve been here more than 20 years.

    Again, residents have tried to deal with Lox, but the *changes* they’ve made, aren’t enough. I’ve been in NYC all my adult life, I know what it’s like to compromise on quality of life issues, but right now the only one compromising are the exhausted residents.

  22. bknesto permalink
    March 23, 2009 9:02 pm

    Listen, if you lived here for over twenty years then you know that less then 5 years ago Grand ave was like one continous party on the block towards the corner. It had been that way since the 80’s. That noise far exceeded the volume of the alleged noise coming from LOX. Like I said wherever there are bars in the city, some with outdoor areas, there are residents surrounding them, the neighbors deal with it.

    I mean how can the surrounding neighbors of Habana Outpost deal with the hords of ppl outside conversing? How do the ppl on Lafayette deal with Moes and the sounds of drunk patrons chatting up while smoking outside? How do the residents of LES deal with all the ppl and bars in the area? How about Williamsburg?

  23. bknesto permalink
    March 23, 2009 9:11 pm

    Also, would someone be so nice as to tell me what these agencies targeting LOX have to do with noise complaints? I mean these upstanding ppl who only want some sleep for there family wouldnt be so low to to make complaints with out any basis, just to disrupt the ongoing legitimate business in LOX? I mean upstanding ppl wouldn’t waste undermanned city agencies time like that would they? Three days of visits in a row, twice with two city agencies in tow, but yet no violations have been found.

  24. Bob permalink
    March 23, 2009 11:16 pm

    A couple of the quick factual corrections following by personal observation:

    1) The people of the Chelsea and Hell’s Kitchen do not “just deal with” the noise of loud bars. They complain to their local elected officials/community board. Parties meets and negotiate a set of operating protocols that address the concerns. I know this to be true because I facilitated these conversations on countless occasions. Where we always successful? Most certainly not. But I can assure you that bars that have good relationships with their neighbors are more financially successful. The problem bars usually close up after a few years.

    2) There is a difference between noise from loud voices and that from music. Music is usually much more disruptive.

    3) It is notoriously difficult to enforce the noise laws of our city. To issue a citation requires having a decibel reading machine which NYPD does not routinely have. In fact, they are actually not the ones you enforce the noise laws. Rather, it is the Dept of Enviromental Protection (DEP). It is very challenging to get a DEP official to show up after regular 9-5 hours. Since they are not emergency responders its not like you can call them and quickly show up. Rather it is usually takes several days for them to take a reading and when they do, its rarely during the hours that a bar is making noise. Finally, the noise decibel levels do not measure vibrations caused by a thumping bass. Often it is actually the vibrations that is most disturbing to residents who live above the establishment.

    4) Several people have mentioned Havana Outpost which certainly is a very lively atmosphere and one that you can hear several blocks away. The issue though is not just that an establishment is loud, but rather the hours that they are loud. What time does Havana Outpost close?

    5) The aggressive and combative tone of many of these comments is really disheartening. I love my neighborhood and all of its diversity and charm. Neighbors attacking neighbors on this blog and trying prove that they are a more authentic or legitimate community member is quite sad. The racial undertones and assumptions/accusations of various peoples ethnicity (complainers, patrons, etc) would be laughable if it was not such a sad continuation of misinformed, poorly articulated race analysis. We as a community should be able to come together and work to improve the quality of life for all residents. Instead of attacking each other on this blog we would all be better served by trying to figure out how to address the situation and make our neighborhood more enjoyable for everyone rather then cutting each other down.

  25. bknesto permalink
    March 23, 2009 11:32 pm

    Hey Bob

    Answer me this:

    Also, would someone be so nice as to tell me what these agencies targeting LOX have to do with noise complaints? I mean these upstanding ppl who only want some sleep for there family wouldnt be so low to to make complaints with out any basis, just to disrupt the ongoing legitimate business in LOX? I mean upstanding ppl wouldn’t waste undermanned city agencies time like that would they? Three days of visits in a row, twice with two city agencies in tow, but yet no violations have been found.

    And cops usually enforce the law when it comes to noise without a decibel reader. Trust me I know. My point is regardless of complaints various residential areas are flooded with bars and the continous buzz of noise. So now some music thats barely audible outside of the place is much worse than the voices of hundreds of ppl. Listen if a few places out of ALL the places in the area are always on the receiving end of being targeted by Tish James on the strength of a few, have one thing in common then what are ppl supposed to think. Yeah, I know it’s NEVER about that…And Bob all I know is Habana Outpost is open when kiddies should be in bed.

  26. March 25, 2009 1:30 am

    The point should be that people shouldn’t think they can dictate the atmosphere of a neighborhood, white or black. Especially when their complaints are as petty and unnecessary as noise related.

  27. Misslrjones permalink
    March 30, 2009 7:49 pm

    Every agency in the city??? That makes me think that someone or a group of some ones have a personal grievance with either the owners of the Lox or the fact that this establishment is in their neighborhood. What makes this even more interesting is the fact that although every agency in the city of New York has been called to the Lox, IT IS STILL OPEN, which stands for something!!

    I completely understand and am an advocate of peaceful sleeping, but this is obviously more than just getting a good night rest! I am a firm believer that people should complain when rights are violated, so with that being said, the Lox and all of its patrons should start calling 311 on the neighbors or who ever is filing these false complaints (I am sure they have a good idea of who is complaining). If we are going to follow the rules, those who have been filing fictitious complaints should be punished for breaking the law and wasting tax money!!! SHAME ON YOU! PRETENDING TO BE ADULTS!!!

    On a more diplomatic note, after reading all of the comments and even going to Lox a couple of times, I must say that this is a problem that CAN be solved with cooperation from the surrounding NEIGHBORS, NEIGHBORHOOD and the OWNER. Believe it or not, everyone can prosper from the Lox!

    I have been to several clubs, lounges, bars, social outings all over Brooklyn and I must say, I have enjoyed every moment I was in Lox. I would not have known it was an establishment if someone did not point it out to me.

    Outside, there was no one hanging out, making post or any of the other things party goers do outside of the party and to think, there is a store on the same block!!!
    Once inside, I must say, I was not overwhelmed by the normal ear bleeding bass heard at other establishments. During the night, the music level never grew, the crowd never got wild, but everyone who attended was pleasant and seemed to be having a wonderful time!
    At the end of the night, all patrons left Lox WITHOUT an incident. Overall, the crowd, music, vibe and location were simply perfect.

    I HOPE AND PRAY that the owner, neighborhood and neighbors could sit down and talk out their difference for the greater good of the neighborhood. Clinton Hill is a beautiful neighborhood and I know that once all parties brainstorm to solve this minor problem, Clinton Hill and Lox will benefit immensely together!!

  28. M.O.G. permalink
    April 3, 2009 3:04 am

    WOW!!!! I am so sorry that a fellow bar owner is having this many problems… Especially since LOX usually only has a following on the weekends… I think a neighborhood meeting would be a great place to start… I would hope that the neighbors making the complaints would come, because alot of times people like to shield themselves with this here computer, which if that is the case this situation will go nowhere… Mr. LOX whom I know, is a man that will and can compromise, I believe that is why he built the enclosure in the back of LOX, which I’m sure was quite expensive for a newly opened business…
    As busy as I am I still make my rounds to local bars, LOX being one of them and I notice there is never a crowd outside and from the times I have been there the back closes at a certain time… It’s time for a meeting, this needs to be worked out and put a stop to the city agencies coming all the time, he is following the guidelines…. If NOISE is the problem, let NOISE be the problem and talk about some solutions…
    BTW Mr. LOX you did a great job, I only hope and pray that you suceed!!!!

  29. M.O.G. permalink
    April 3, 2009 5:18 am

    LOL…. SUCCEED!!!!!!

  30. April 19, 2009 3:53 pm

    I drove by last night and it was closed I hope everything is ok

  31. Lindsey permalink
    May 21, 2009 5:40 am

    My husband owned a bar in Williamsburg called Triple Crown and we dealt with the exact same issue. I feel for the owners of LOX. We dealt with racist police (my husband is white and the let their ignorance be known assuming he shared their views), racist neighbors who targeted the bar because we had DJs there who sometimes played rap music (this is how they identified that black folks were patrons at community board meetings without coming right out and saying that there were black people there). We booked some amazing talent including a weekly with A Tribe Called Quest’s Ali Shaheed Muhammad, DJ Premiere, Pete Rock, Hollerronix, Liz Fields, The Foreign Exchange, Prince’s DJ Rashida and many more very talented DJs. We thought we were doing something original and the people who came to the bar appreciated it, just not our neighbors.

    Now, keep in mind the police were never called because of violence or for any other reason than to respond to noise complaints. Also keep in mind that there’s another bar nearby where there’s a constant stream of bar fights that spilled out onto the street, to go drinks, and loud rowdy people hanging out all night outside. They just happen to not be “hip hoppers” as the CB called our patrons. We hired a doorman to keep our smokers quiet and across the street. We spent thousands on soundproofing and we downsized our sound system to try to appease the neighbors. We moved into the apartment above the bar and the family of neighbors who lived across he hall were frequent n bomb droppers and even lit a bag on fire and threw it into the bar. We were harassed and then when we finally gave up and tried to sell the bar, the CB prevented us from selling for months rendering us helpless and forcing us to close for months and work other jobs just to pay rent at Triple Crown. We finally found help and if the owners of LOX need any tips on government agencies who can help mediate please have them email me. I hate to see other people who are just trying to earn an honest living go through what we went through. Good luck!! Here’s a little press that we got in the heat of our issue with Triple Crown:—can-.html


  1. A Noisy Dispute Over Lox - The Local - Fort-Greene Blog -

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