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Wonderful Night in The Neighborhood

May 18, 2009


There they were, lined up from Washington ave. and Fulton Street, all the way around the corner on Waverly towards Atlantic ave. Oblivious to the precipitation; there they stood, as if in a soup line awaiting some nourishment. Except the mood was far from melancholy and the anticipation wasn’t for a meal, it was for some food for the soul.

 Once a year there’s a party called WONDER-Full thrown, honoring the great Steveland Morris a.k.a Stevie Wonder, usually in May, around the time of his birthday (May 14). Having attended the event in previous years when it was held in the city, not only was I surprised to hear it would be held in Brooklyn this year, I was also elated that it was going to be right here ’round the way. Knowing that, I did what ended up being a BIG mistake…not securing tickets in advance!

 The premise of the party is simple-all Stevie, all night! If it was performed, written, or produced by Mr.Wonder then it will be played, this includes select covers and artists like Minnie Ripperton.

 Walking up on Fulton at about quarter after eleven was bittersweet. On one hand, seeing all the people, diverse in age and race, hold reverence for this great artist was a beautiful sight. On the other hand, at that very moment, I said to myself “self you aint gettin’ in tonight!”

 My plan was of course was to jam to Stevie all night while getting some snapshots of the people and overall ambiance of the fairly new loft space location. After some text correspondence with a fellow blogger I decided I’d still cover the event, using the pictures I took earlier, of people standing in line with the focus being on how this mans musical legacy brings so many people out, people together, etc.

 With that I left, headed to a neighborhood regal beagle, sans Chrissy and Janet to throw back some cold ones. Then about 2:30, another voice came into my head, it said “Why don’t you go back to check now? It IS right in the neighborhood Dumb Dumb!!”(Yes, at this time of the AM, the voice sounded just like Gazoo).

 Walking up to 525 Waverly ave. to what is being called BK Studio Lofts; the scene was one of festivity and jubilation. With my camera strapped around my neck, I stepped right in like I had business there. Through the doors, up the stairs, I step through to see this massive, nicely decorated loft space. At my left there’s a theater sized screen showing clips of Stevie Wonder performing on Soul Train. The crowd has this euphoric sense of oneness, all in a zone listening to the sounds commandeered by DJ Spinna & Bobbito Garcia. Making my way to the bar so I could refuel on the libation before I got to gyrating was a nice surprise awaiting me…the familiar faces of the staff from Rustik on DeKalb ave. I thought it was cool of the organizers to use a local business to provide drinks and a food spread. Well after that it was time to do what I came for…it was time to get my two-step on to the man, the legend, and the music of Mr. Stevie Wonder.


Here are some pics of the night:





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