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Overheard on DeKalb Avenue

May 27, 2009

Just wanted to post a brief conversation my wife and kids overheard while walking on DeKalb avenue on their way to Fort Greene Park.  It was a group of four standing in front of one of the restaurant/bars in their mid-twenties to early thirties and it went like this:

Woman: That’s children playing, why does it bother you?!

Man:   I know…I know…it just get’s on my nerves.

With obvious digust in his voice, the guy was about to go on further, but as he finished his sentence the misses turned around to make eye contact and he cut it short.  At that point my older daughter exclaimed “Mommy, did you hear what that man said?”

So here it is a beautiful Friday evening, the start to a long weekend and this man is bothered by children of all ages enjoying themselves in a playground. They’re not in his space, in his way, they’re across the street oblivious to his existence; simply adhering to the longtime tradition of kids being kids. He knows, he knows…But they get on his nerves.

 I  want to thank this man for showing my daughters, one of whom attends the school where the playground is housed, firsthand some the nasty attitudes people have towards them for no reason. They know they could’ve easily been amongst the mix of kids that bothered this man.

Here’s some pictures of Ronald Edmonds Learning Center’s (MS 113) Math Fair which took place on May 13. This is the same age group of the majority of the kids who were playing in the school’s park Friday evening:









Their just kids folks…


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