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The Golden Girl’s “Clinton Avenue Memoirs”

May 4, 2010

There always was and always will be characters in the neighborhood. Some famous, some infamous, there has also been literary characters who have been based or pass through the neighborhood. But besides being used as a backdrop for an urban setting in videos, television shows, and movies has a fictional character on T.V. ever called Clinton Hill home? The answer is yes!

 Look no further than the classic eighties sitcom “Golden Girls”. From time to time on the show Bea Arthur’s character Dorothy along with her mother Sophia would wax poetic about the days of yesteryear. For Sophia, it would be her beloved home of Sicily, for Dorothy it was Brooklyn, where she was raised the offspring of immigrants, like many in her time period.

 In the 1990 episode titled “Clinton Avenue Memoirs”, Sophia after having some memory issues, decides to go back to the old neighborhood, to trigger some remembrance. Now besides the obvious title, how do I know they’re talking about our hood? Well, the reference to the change in makeup say’s it all, even if they did throw a little jab at those of us living here at the time… Here’s a clip from the show when they’re back in the hood:


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