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Post-Apocolyptic Fort Greene

May 6, 2010


Fort Greene Park '76

There are a lot of off the wall statements in the local blogosphere that gives insight to the mentality of some of my new “neighbors”.  Here’s a statement made today on brownstoner in the open thread by a commenter named donatella:

“When I moved to Ft Greene almost 6 years ago, it looked post-Apocolyptic.”


She then goes on to state that she was talking about retail services, then notes the lack of services currently in Clinton Hill where a decent cleaner JUST arrived (oh really?!), no shoemaker, no place to buy a bunch of flowers, no drug store nearby, no green grocer and no restaurants that are any good (surprise, surprise!).  It had to be pointed out to her that there is a shoemaker on Waverly, drug stores on Fulton street the other on Vanderbilt, a flower shop on Fulton street not to mention there have been more than a few cleaners in the area for years.  How did all of us who lived here pre-2004 survive in such sub-standard “Escape from New York” like living conditions?!

 In 2004 you would be hard pressed to find an empty store front on DeKalb avenue, it’s been that way since the early eighties. On Myrtle at that time it may have been a few but it was scarce, Myrtle has NEVER been desolate as far business goes. On Fulton street from S.Oxford down to Ashland place there were viable businesses. Basic service businesses like laundry mats, cleaners, hardware stores, pharmacies, shoemakers, barber shops, beauty salons have ALWAYS been here, along with the vet and various other medical practices. Do my new “neighbors” see the absurdity in their comments?! If you felt this way about the neighborhood I can only imagine what was subconsciously thought about its longtime inhabitants. How do attitudes like this affect your communicative dealings or the universal dialect of body language with longtime residents?  

 One more thing, what’s up with all the Brooklyn transplants that have the absolute need for fine dining within 2-3 blocks? In the case of Clinton Hill, there are plenty of restaurants in Fort Greene. Walk your ass there!! What’s the big deal?! Or you hear “I’d like a bar within 2 or 3 blocks…” If the bar or bars in your closest vicinity doesn’t appeal to you or your social paradigm then simply walk to one that does. Every retail strip in the neighborhood does not have to turn into to a trendy row of restaurants w/ sidewalk seating to dignify the vibrancy of the hood.

 “Love thy neighbor as thyself…”


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