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Where’s My iPad

July 3, 2011

Perhaps it’s time for all of us in Clinton Hill to purchase iPads with those handy built in tracking devices.  Everyone’s been getting into the act lately, following their stolen iPads right to the red-handed criminals.  When Will.I.Am, the famous rapper, recently had his iPad stolen from his Bentley, he was able to locate his device with the built in tracking device.

I bet that the three or four homes on Gates Avenue between Waverly and Washington Avenues wish that they had those devices in place recently.  Their homes were all robbed during the week of June 16th, and a laptop (and other items) was stolen from each location.  On June 16th, Kathleen Perkins on Waverly Avenue had her laptop and a bottle of whiskey napped.  On June 18th, a laptop and desktop were taken from a home on Gates Avenue, and on June 23th, a laptop was taken from a home on Cambridge Place.

Even though none of these computers had tracking devices, the cops can pat themselves on the back.  On June 23th, when the suspect Kaleem Bey was found climbing a fence after dropping the third laptop computer, he was arrested and has been charged with three burglaries, according to the Kings County District Attorney’s office listing.  He’s at Riker’s Island and bail is set at $50,000 in bonds and $25,000 in cash.  Let’s hope he doesn’t have the money to spring himself.


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