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Crime Wave in Clinton Hill

September 26, 2011

Last week Clinton Hill and Fort Greene saw a large upsurge in the number of robberies which took place there. In the time period between September 11th and 18th there were as many crime incidents reported compared to what is usually reported in an average three week period.

This should not necessarily come as a surprise. According to a study done by, taken together, Fort Greene and Clinton Hill rank as New York’s sixth most dangerous place.

Not everyone agrees with the study’s conclusion, including the police from the 88th Precinct. Politicians and police insist that Clinton Hill and Fort Greene are among New York’s safest places to live.

One resident took to the news of increased crime with a bit of skepticism. “There was a problem with people getting their designer dogs stolen,” said Ms. Obadia, 32, an anthropology student at the New School who has lived in Clinton Hill for four years.

Last week the main items which were reported stolen were iPhones, iPads and wallets. The thefts took place mostly in the subway, in Fort Greene Park and in the Atlantic Terminal Mall. There were also several assaults, and a shooting. There were some car thefts from parking places, and a few people noticed unauthorized credit card purchases and debit activity on their credit/debit cards.

In total 9 people were arrested.


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