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Brooklyn’s Liquor Cabinet Expanding

October 27, 2011

Brooklyn may be known for its trees, and maybe its ball teams, but come on, its vodka? Well move over Smirnoff because here comes Brooklyn Republic Vodka, the brainchild of Lithuanian born Gary Shokin, in partnership with his marketing expert daughter, Kary Laskin. A third partner, Mark Krupkin, handles the sales department.

The vodka, selling for $28 a bottle, is manufactured right here in Clinton Hill. Brooklyn Republic was launched last spring, and has seen a nice rise in sales since then, introducing their special blend of wheat and corn to bars and shops all over New York.

What makes this vodka so special? For one thing, it’s the special Brooklyn water.

“People laugh when we say Brooklyn water, but it really makes a difference,” says 28-year-old Laskin.

Shokin, 49,  also has a special recipe he developed which uses corn, an ingredient rarely found in European vodkas.

“I think this is a secret, because American corn has a natural sweetness to it,” he says. “So you get a sweet-tasting vodka.”


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