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Mothers Protest Tax Breaks for Millionaires at Their Children’s Expense

November 14, 2011

Governor Andrew Cuomo

About one hundred parents, mostly moms from some of Brooklyn’s more comfortable neighborhoods, staged a protest outside the Manhattan office of Governor Andrew Cuomo to signal their dissatisfaction with the proposed elimination of the so-called millionaires’ tax.

The rally, which was held last Tuesday afternoon, comes in response to the tax break for the wealthy in the face of last year’s slashing of the state budget for schools by 1.4 billion dollars. Placards carried by protestors announced that “Millionaire rhymes with fair and share,” while another one stated “You can’t sell $1.4 billion worth of cupcakes.”

The reference to cupcakes is a comment on the fact that parents have been filling in where the state used to take responsibility. New York City parents, including those of students attending Clinton Hill’s School of Arts and Letters, are depended upon to supply classrooms with such items as paper towels, tissues, crayons, cleaning products and more. Increasingly, as the severe budget cuts work their way into the nitty-gritty of the nuts and bolts of running a school, are parents being called upon to prop up the system. The rally is a demonstration of the inadequacy and fundamental unfairness of a system that expects taxpaying parents to not only financially support their children’s schools, but at the same time to bestow tax cuts on the extremely wealthy of the city.


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