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Gun Buyback Program Hits the Target

November 17, 2011

In conjunction with an ongoing buyback program for guns in New York City, Brooklyn held its own buyback day last Saturday in Flatbush, receiving 85 guns in exchange for cash or bank cards.

The guns were collected at a church in Flatbush. The police received 49 revolvers, 20 semi-automatic weapons, three rifles and four shotguns. Nine other weapons, such as zip guns and flares, were also collected.  A working handgun was worth a $200 bank card, while someone handing in a shotgun or rifle received $20. Each individual was limited to receiving up to three payments for the guns they turned in.

“The guns turned in (Saturday) bring the total to 1,997 guns taken from the streets of Brooklyn since 2008, when the program began,” Brooklyn District Attorney Charles Hynes said. “All of us think this is an effective and sensible way to prevent criminals from getting their hands on these weapons, which can wound, maim or kill innocent people.”

DA Hynes added that there will be an additional buyback day next month as well.

Anyone can bring a gun into any police precinct at any time and receive $100 in return for the gun as part of the New York City ongoing buyback program.
“A fully loaded assault weapon designed to destroy human life was removed from circulation, and thousands of others collected through the cash for guns program no longer have the potential to kill,” said New York City Police Commissioner Raymond Kelly last June.

District Attorney Charles Hynes

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