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Mural Completed on Fort Greene Building

December 1, 2011

Lee Quinones

One part memorial to Notorious B.I.G.; one part artistic wink at the pop art print of Che Guevara; and one part ode of love to the lovely pigeon; Lee Quinones has finished his mural on the red brick wall of the Brooklyn Love Building next to the entrance to the Lafayette Avenue C train station.
Mural artist Quinones is one of the original founders of the New York City subway graffiti movement of the 1970s, and has a special affection for pigeons.
“I consider them very majestic animals,” he said. “They’re peaceful and smart and they unfairly get a bad rap as ‘rats with wings.’”
Pigeons are quite cleverly depicted on the wall as a bit larger than life, flying up and out of the subway station; with one of the fearless flying friends clinging to a miniaturized subway car in his claws.
The pigeons fly in a circle around an impression of Biggie, who is rendered in a style reminiscent of the iconic poster-portrait of Argentine Marxist revolutionary Che Guevara. The now

Notorious Big Biggie Smalls

deceased rapper is shown donning a revolutionary beret and frowning down upon the street below with an orange sunburst glowing behind him. Biggie was at one time a Clinton Hill resident, making the mural’s location all the more appropriate.


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