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Body by Brooklyn Relaxes the Body and Mind

December 19, 2011

Body by Brooklyn Spa

Clinton Hill keeps on getting better, and one of the biggest draws to the area has been the development of the building found at 275 Park Avenue. The original development was in 1996, when the old home of the Rockwood & Company Chocolate Factory, which lay vacant since 1967, was turned into the area’s first luxury loft rental apartments by the building’s owner Mira Goldin.

Ten years later Ms. Goldin took the entire street level floor and transformed it into the Body by Brooklyn Spa and Lounge. Today the spa is a gorgeous 10,000 foot space and a central meeting place for community members. People from outside the area also come to enjoy the elegant parties and community networking events.

“There are only two other bathhouses in New York City that are comparable in size and function,” said Marina Tokar, Marketing Representative. “Visitors are welcome to gather with friends and socialize over steam.”

“The vast space is very reflective of the community,” added Marina. “Everyone is welcome to utilize the space however they like. We provide a cost-effective way for everyone to come and steam, massage, eat, drink and relax in one place.”


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