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Inspired by Grandmother, Three Cousins Open Clothing Store

January 26, 2012

After six years of selling their original designs to other stores, three cousins fulfilled a dream and opened their own shop, the Fashion Library about three months ago, and business has been great.

The three young men, all in their twenties, became clothing designers about six years ago, after working at odd jobs such as working in a car wash or watering in order to earn money for fabric.

The journey to their shop began when one of the cousins, Roshawn Mussington was taught to sew by his grandmother, Pearl Henry, when he was eleven years old and living with her in Kingston, Jamaica for two years. When Mussington returned to Brooklyn he began to make original and distinctive things to wear as a hobby.

When Rosh, Mussington’s nickname, graduated from Tilden High School in 2005 he decided to turn his hobby into a business. He asked his cousins to join him in his venture, teaching them the ins and outs of sewing.

After six years selling their wares, they decided to open up their own place.

“That was our whole dream, to have a store of our own,” said one of the cousins, Mckenson Cadet, 24. “We were even talking about selling out of the garage at home; we wanted it that badly.”

The cousins spent about a year looking for the perfect location for their store in Brooklyn neighborhoods like Clinton Hill,  Bedford-Stuyvesant, Crown Heights and the Fulton Mall in Downtown Brooklyn.

“Nobody wanted us,” Cadet said.

They finally settled on a space in East Flatbush on Snyder Avenue just off of Utica Avenue. They did a lot of the interior construction on their own, putting down flooring, taking out wood paneling, painting the walls, and building shelving and placing mirrors on the walls. They had electricians hang their chandelier.

“We risked our whole savings, everything,” said Rosh, 25. “We decided it was all or nothing.”

Now their customers are coming from all over New York and New Jersey, too. From Harlem, the Bronx and beyond people are scrambling to acquire the Rosh brand name from the Fashion Library. During Christmas there was so much demand for the $200-and-up jackets, $100-and-up button-downs and $70-and-up hoodies that Cadet and Rosh had to sew like crazy to restock their inventory while the third cousin, Jermaine Clarke ran the store.

Unfortunately their grandmother did not live long enough to see the success of her grandsons.

“We came from nothing — she would feel really good,” Mussington said.
“She would be proud to say, ‘These are my grandkids,’” Cadet added.


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