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Taking it Down in Fort Greene and Clinton Hill

February 9, 2012

Slow Zone Coming to Clinton Hill?

The Fort Greene Association is applying to become a member of a citywide push which is seeking to lower the speed limit for vehicles in certain areas down from 30mph to a much more tranquil 20 miles per hour. The Association is also interesting in instituting other traffic-relaxing practices to hopefully shrink the number of crashes and keep away speeders and sending them back to the highways and off the neighborhood streets.

The slow-zone that the association is after will be bordered by Park Avenue, Lafayette Avenue, Navy Street and Vanderbilt Avenue in Fort Greene; and in Clinton Hill the slow-zone will be inside Park, Greene, Vanderbilt and Classon Avenues.

“There’s really no reason for people to be going much faster than 20 miles an hour on residential streets,”

said Hilda Cohen, who assisted the Fort Greene Association with the applications.

“People who drive through our neighborhood just want to get through as fast as they can.”


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