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Primrose Café is Clinton Hill’s Newest Meeting Place with Great Coffee Too

April 4, 2012

Whether or not this café was named for Katniss’ sister of “Hunger Games” fame, The Primrose Café at 147 Greene Avenue in the heart of Clinton Hill is certainly worth a visit.

The brand new coffee shop/eatery is situated across the street from PS 11, and was opened by owners Dorly Ninio and Giuseppe DiFranco on the ground floor of one of those wonderful Brooklyn Brownstones which are all the rage these days.

The location is just perfect for those tired moms and dads who might need a little pick-me-up after delivering their precious progeny into the safekeeping of the public school for the day. But the ambience that Dorly, a native Israeli, is after is not as a pit-stop for bedraggled parents, but more as a warm refuge to unwind and chill out.

“I wanted something like a Tel Aviv coffee shop, where people meet and work and just hang out,” said Ms. Ninio. “I had a friend drop in and she said, ‘I want to live here.’ That’s what I’m going for.”

Helping to relieve some of that tension is Justin Schulz who mans the espresso machine. His last engagement was at Roberta’s in Bushwick, and now he is at Primrose designing floral patterns atop his brewed-to-perfection cappuccinos, pour-overs and regular drip coffees.

Due to the shyness of Ninio, manager Nickie Boone will oversee the shop’s atmosphere out front, making sure all those moms and dads, and everyone else, too, is satisfied.

“I’m the one who just talks to everyone,” said Ms. Boone, who has worked in food service for more than a decade.

Primrose Café, 147 Greene Avenue between Waverly and Washington Avenues, (718) 789-7890. Open every day, 7 a.m.–5 p.m.



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