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Business Booming for Pratt Institute Neighbors

September 4, 2012

Myrtle Hall at Pratt Institute

As the school year begins the new students descending on the Clinton Hill campus of the Pratt Institute are livening up the neighborhood, boosting local businesses. Especially benefiting from the influx of students are Myrtle Avenue shops, which are right along the street across the way from the art school.

The latest construction project of Pratt was Myrtle Hall, finished last year and located right along the main avenue. It was hoped that this location would help businesses adjacent to the new building.

According to Pratt’s communication office there was a wish that the hall would “promote the revitalization of Myrtle Avenue.”

This was only to be expected, since the Pratt Institute’s President Thomas F. Schutte has also served as the chair of the Myrtle Avenue Partnership for the past ten years. It is no wonder that the school is completely committed to the economic success of the neighborhood.

Right across from the campus is a cool clothing store called Byrne Brooklyn, which has seen a surge in business since the school year began.

“At first they came in with their parents and bought new clothes for school,” said Selim Yang, who works at the store. “Now that orientation is over, they are back and shopping with their friends.”

There were at least 20 people waiting on line outside of Utrecht Art Supplies, waiting to get into the store, as every aisle was packed with shoppers. Exiting the store were happy students brimming with bags of art supplies, ready to begin a new year of artistic creativity.

“There is an endless stream of students in the store,” said manager Christopher McGee. “The start of the school year is a fun and vibrant time for this business.”


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