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Allan Houston Comes to Clinton Hill to Promote Better Fathering Through Basketball

September 24, 2012
Allan Houston of Father Knows Best

Allan Houston of Father Knows Best

Allan Houston, former guard for the New York Knicks, is traveling throughout the New York area promoting his favorite charity; “Father Knows Best.” This past Saturday Houston came to Clinton Hill’s Pratt Institute and discussed how his organization can serve as a resource for fathers; helping them to become better parents, and supporting stronger family bonds through sports, especially basketball.

“A lot of kids grow up not having their fathers or a father figure. You have a coach or a mentor or someone who plays that role for you and a lot of times it’s your coach,” Houston explained. “Some men will take under their wing three, four or five kids, and it impacts their lives and to me it transforms them in behavior, [their] social environment, their education and critical thinking.

“All those things make you who you are and no matter what you do in life you’re going to have to have these things to live out the life that God has given you, and I think that’s what we wanted to share.”

The event lasted the entire day during two sessions. The morning workshop had Houston and his buddies Iman Shumpert of the New York Knicks and Jerry Stackhouse of the Brooklyn Nets playing a variety of basketball related games with about 200 fathers together with their children.

The second, afternoon session was used for talking to the kids about playing basketball like a professional from the perspective of every nuance of the game. After speaking with the kids Houston focused on fathers and how they can be better dads and role models for their kids not only on, but also off the court.

“We don’t just address an issue and raise awareness; it’s not enough to in this realm of development and families. You have to have training mechanisms,” Houston said.“Someone is going to raise our kids, whether it’s us or someone else. So we need to be the ones doing it.”


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