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Networking Through the New York Private Equity Network

November 28, 2012

For businesses and business leaders involved in private equity in the New York area, who you know is crucial. For this reason, being part of professional associations can make a large difference in career moves and opportunities. One opportunity for those in New York is the New York Private Equity Network (NYPEN). This is a premier professional association for investing professionals that work at private equity and venture capital firms in the New York City area.

Founded in 2001, with a membership base of 1200 professionals or more, NYPEN offers educational and networking events. Their educational programming includes the private equity industry leaders who share their expertise and offer advice to others in the field.

They offer networking events throughout the year and educational ones that include roundtable and panel discussions, lectures and more. The NYPEN executive team includes, among others, President Richard Relyea, Greg Hersly, Taru Goel, Allison Goldberg and Mark Murtagh.


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