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Cobble Hill Preschool Roaming the Neighborhood

May 21, 2013
Linden Tree Preschool Meeting in Carroll Park

Linden Tree Preschool Meeting in Carroll Park

Brooklyn neighborhood Cobble Hill is having a bit of trouble with one of its preschools. City officials were forced to close down the Linden Tree Preschool last week because the school’s operators were not in possession of the proper license.

As a substitute for their classrooms the children were brought to Carroll Park last Friday and spent the morning there. The children will most likely spend Monday frolicking in Brooklyn Bridge Park, at the Transit Museum. As long as the children have no regular place to go, they will go to anywhere that welcomes kids.

“It makes my blood boil,” said Crocker Coulson, 48, whose 4-year-old twins, Maud and Callum, attended the school.

“It’s appalling and sickening how they’ve run this organization and how they’ve treated these kids.”

The Episcopal Diocese of Long Island runs the Linden Tree Preschool. The city closed them down because they did not have permits to house infants and/or toddlers.

The principal, Susan Kulman, explained that the teachers have been assisting at the parent-organized events which are now substituting for the regular preschool program. The parents and teachers need to coordinate appropriate activities and locations for 83 children.

“We’re meeting them wherever they are,” said Kulman “We’re dedicated to our families and our kids and all of a sudden that was taken away from us.”


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