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New Yorkers Can Choose the “Green” Option as Their Source of Power

May 29, 2013

IDT Energy

Ever since New York launched its PlaNYC program in 2007, residents in neighborhoods throughout the Big Apple, including Clinton Hill, have been doing their best to make the city the greenest, environmentally-friendly city in the country.

It is Mayor Bloomberg’s goal to get the city ready for the expected 1 million additional residents by the year 2030, while at the same time strengthening the economy, fighting the forces of climate change, and generally making life in the city better for all New Yorkers.

The Plan utilizes the services of 25 separate City agencies, all working towards the same goal. But for the Plan to succeed, residents will need to contribute their own efforts towards helping New York make strides towards its greener goals.

Among the many actions New Yorkers can take to contribute to the effort, including recycling, walking or using bicycles more, and taking public transportation, residents can choose how their energy is generated.  Electricity can come from renewable sources as well as from fossil-fuel-based sources. Ever since de-regulation of New York’s utilities, it has been possible for residents to choose the company that supplies their power. Picking a company that offers the option of a renewable source of electricity is a good choice for people that want to help in the PlaNYC effort.

One example of such a company is IDT Energy, which offers Green Energy options to its customers.  At IDT, going “Green” means that the electricity supplied to your home is derived from natural, renewable sources like running water, the sun, and wind. Take advantage of energy de-regulation and help the Big Apple go “Green”!


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