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Brooklyn Waterfront Park Just Got a Bit Quieter

November 20, 2013

Brooklyn Bridge Park just became several decibels quieter when a 30-foot high man-made barrier was unveiled to the public. The sound barrier is a hill which stretches the length of Piers 4 and 5 near Clark Street, and helps to prevent some of the sound emanating from the Brooklyn-Queens Expressway from reaching the park. Before the hill was built the level of noise at the park was measured to be about 75 decibels, the equivalent of standing next to a running lawnmower. Now the sound level is about 68 decibels, a significant improvement for those seeking a quiet, restful visit to this beautiful waterfront park.

The hill was begun in January, and is made up of 50,000 cubic yards of crushed rocks which were dug up during the MTA East Side Access project. There is still more work to do- the plans for the hill is that it extend the entire length of Furman Street, from Pier 5 to Pier 2, reducing the noise pollution even further.Sound proof hill


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