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A Kid’s Dream Coming to Clinton Hill

January 20, 2014

A Kids DreamIf you think that a kid’s dream has something to do with Disneyland, ice cream or endless summer vacations, think again. In this particular case “A Kid’s Dream” refers to an innovative place for children (and I’m thinking mostly children of the girl persuasion) to relax and beautify a la their moms at a spa or what the old folks call a ‘beauty parlor.’

The brainchild of 34-year-old Sharon Doldron, “A Kid’s Dream” will pamper children with haircuts, manicures, facials, and more for anywhere from $6 for a manicure to $25-$125 for a haircut. Doldron says she thought of starting a salon for children when she noticed the lack of such a service in the area.

But “A Kid’s Dream” is striving to be a lot more than just a place to get ‘beautified.’ According to Doldron the spa, located on the street level floor of The Emerson building at 549 Myrtle Avenue, “aims to give children a safe zone for self-expression and creativity using beauty and wellness as an effective modality for helping children in a new and innovative way.”

Girls, I mean kids, put on plush robes and comfy slippers and get to use iPads which are loaded up with educational games, only. Just in case you thought there was some kind of wrong message being sent about the value of looks over brains, the iPads are there because, as a spokesman for the company so aptly put it: “The theme is to combine hair services with the opportunity for kids to receive education.”

Not only is the spa promoting the importance of education, but it is also a place for a bit of parent-child (mother-daughter?) quality time. As Doldron, a Fort Greene resident and mother explained,

“I wanted to create a place where children and their parents can go together.  Our services are generally for kids, but adults can get a cut or wash alongside their child, too.”

If it’s anything it’s unique. Parent-child manicures, haircuts and facials. A Kid’s Dream is definitely a new way to spend time together.


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