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Rash of Car Break-ins Have Clinton Hill Residents Nervous

March 6, 2014
Clinton Hill Car Break-Ins on the Rise

Clinton Hill Car Break-Ins on the Rise

The past few weeks residents of Clinton Hill have not only had to deal with inclement weather, but an increased number of car break-ins, causing concern.

“My wife was passing by and told me that the window is broken, and it’s the second time, actually,” said one resident.

The police say that during the past 10 days or more, they have received about seven reports of cars which were broken into, with broken windows, along Clinton Avenue. Residents themselves claim there have been many more, probably at least a dozen during that time span.

“It’s really curious. Every day, I’ve seen five or six car windows at least, just on this street alone, for the past two weeks,” said a second person.

“In the middle of the night, we hear car alarms going off all night, because I’m up with the baby. So I’m up, and I hear them all night long. Yeah, it’s been a consistent thing,” a third resident said.

One person has been taken into custody so far by the police; 48-year-old Kerry Blackwell. Blackwell has been charged in connection with four of the break-ins. Police are still conducting surveillance of the area and the probability of more arrests is high.


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