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Bounce House Accident Leads to Safety Recommendations

May 19, 2014
Sudden wind lifted bounce house high, seriously injuring two young boys

Sudden wind lifted bounce house high, seriously injuring two young boys

It took only two days after an accident caused injuries to three children for Governor Andrew Cuomo to innumerate safeguards for the use of the popular children’s play-space known as “bounce houses.”

Several children were jumping on a ‘bounce house’ in South Glen Falls, New York, when a sudden, freak wind lifted the inflatable structure high into the air. One child, a girl, fell off relatively soon and only suffered minor injuries, but two boys also caught in the sudden gust of wind were more seriously injured. As of Tuesday, May 13 they are still in the hospital in stable condition.

“As this week’s tragic incident in the Capital District demonstrates, inflatable toy houses can become dangerous when not secured properly,” Cuomo said. “I urge all parents to exercise caution when installing these devices, carefully follow the instructions and keep kids off them on windy days. My thoughts and prayers are with the family in South Glens Falls and we wish their children a full and speedy recovery.”

The wind that lifted the bounce house into the air was not predicted and rose suddenly. The weather forecasts for that day predicted winds of only 5-10 mph in that area on that day.

The expert safety tips for using inflatable bounce houses include:

•    Do not use during windy days when gusts exceed the manufacturer’s recommendations.
•    Set up device far from power lines and fences
•    Remove shoes and sharp objects before use
•    Users should be of similar size when jumping together
•    Do not go beyond the devices stated capacity
•    Device should be well-anchored to the ground
•    Blowers that keep the device inflated should be attached securely and should be attached to outlets with the correct voltage.
•    A soft, shock-absorbent landing surface should be provided outside the device.


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