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State Gets Green Light to Sell Clinton Hill Vacant Building

July 15, 2014
Coming Soon:Affordable Housing and Services for Vets and Seniors

Coming Soon:Affordable Housing and Services for Vets and Seniors

The Cuomo administration would like to sell an old, dilapidated and vacant building in Clinton Hill to a non-profit organization that will agree to convert to space to affordable housing for seniors and veterans, plus space reserved for social services. Some space will also be allowed for commercial and retail ventures.

A bill which will allow the sale of the state-owned property has already passed through the state Legislature, and is already on its way to the governor’s desk. Governor Cuomo supports the plan to sell the three story building at 1024 Fulton Street to the Northeast Brooklyn Housing Development Corp for a ‘fair market’ value.

The Office of General Services is required to negotiate a deal with the nonprofit housing group before a year is up, as per the terms of the bill. The details of how the building will be developed still remain unclear: how many apartments, how much commercial space, and the price of the building, are still unknown.

“We are unable to speculate what that cost will be until the appraisals have been completed,” said the Office of General Services spokeswoman Heather Groll.


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