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Paintball Thugs Targeting Orthodox Jews in Williamsburg

July 9, 2015
Ultra-orthodox Jews in Brooklyn. Photo by: Anna i Adria

Ultra-orthodox Jews in Brooklyn. Photo by: Anna i Adria

Hooligans have started back up using Orthodox Jews as targets for paintball attacks in Williamsburg after a lull in similar attacks since last March.

About one week ago at about 1:45am on Monday a car drove past the Bondo’s 24 supermarket on Lee Avenue and Rodney Street, shooting a paintball at two Orthodox Jewish men sitting outside. The paint canister missed the men, but instead made a dent in the store’s awning. Several minutes later about 7 blocks away on Lee and Rutledge, this time the paintball found its target and hit another Jewish man, covering him with neon paint.

A policeman was quoted as saying: “We have the same kind of assault, in the same neighborhood, on the same race of people, and we have some evidence that makes us believe there is someone targeting Jews.”

Another similar incident happened this week. According to CBS a man and his grandchildren were shot at and hit with a green paintball as they were leaving their local synagogue.

Rabbi Moshe Indig, a Brooklyn community leader commented:

“It’s unfortunate that in 2015, this is still happening.”

There is a $2,500 reward being offered by the police to anyone who gives them information that leads to the arrest of the paintball thug or thugs. If you know anything please call Crime Stoppers at (800)577-TIPS (8477) or the area detectives at 718-963-5368.


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