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Unique Public Film School Opens in Brooklyn

October 18, 2015
Steiner Studios. Photo by Charles Nguyen

Steiner Studios. Photo by Charles Nguyen

Mayor Bill de Blasio gushed with enthusiasm at the ceremony marking the opening of the Barry R. Feirstein Graduate School of Cinema. The ribbon-cutting took place on Thursday, October 6, and was truly a moving moment in history for all present.

The Brooklyn College graduate film school is the first publicly funded film school to open in New York. It is also the only film school in the entire country to be located on an actual working film and TV studio, the 20-acre Steiner Studios, said to be the largest such studio not found in Hollywood.

The opening of Brooklyn College’s newest campus, which is in the Brooklyn Navy Yard inspired Mayor de Blasio to express is excitement at the prospect and potential of this new endeavor:

“Now, we are one of the great capitals of film and television in this country and on this earth. And we got that way by continuing to innovate. We got that way by never sitting still. And the extraordinary fact is there is more film and TV activity now in this city than ever before. We once were strong for a period of time. Somehow, some of the folks who make the films and television shows wanted to go elsewhere, and then we were rediscovered with a vengeance. And now, rightfully, people want to be here, because the talent is here; more and more, the great studio capacity is here; the stories are here; the scenes are here; it’s more and more of the place that makes sense for the industry. So now, over $7 billion dollars being spent annually in the film and TV industry. $7 billion dollars — you can clap for that.”


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