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Feeling Crowded? No Wonder: Brooklyn is Bursting at the Seams

March 7, 2016

Rowhouses on Kane Street. Photo by Beyond My Ken

You probably don’t need an interactive map to know that Brooklyn is a crowded place to live. However, if you like to wallow in your pain, StreetEasy has just the thing for you. Its an interactive map proving what you have known all along: Brooklyn is CROWDED!

SteetEasy took information from the US Census to find out how many people lived in each home/apartment in NYC in 2013. A number over 1.5 per room (and that’s all rooms, living rooms, dining rooms as well as bedrooms) then that home was called “crowded.”
Brooklyn placed second in terms of crowding in New York, after the Bronx. But Brooklyn’s rate of change came in first place in terms of adding people to living spaces between 2010 and 2013.

Below are the top ten Brooklyn neighborhoods for crowding, with the percentage indicated referring to the percentage of the total homes which are considered crowded. Since everything is relative, and maybe New Yorkers shouldn’t be complaining so much, understand that the national crowding rate is 3.3 percent, (3.3 percent of all US homes are considered crowded) while in the Big Apple 8.9 percent of all homes have over 1.5 people per room dwelling within. By the way, Fort Green-Clinton Hill ranked 33rd out of 42 neighborhoods, with only 4.8 percent of households “crowded.”

  1. Windsor Terrace 19.6%
  2. Sunset Park 19.6%
  3. Greenwood Heights 18.6%
  4. Borough Park 17.1%
  5. Kensington 16.7%
  6. Bushwick 16%
  7. Ocean Parkway 15.2%
  8. East New York 13.9%
  9. Ditmas Park 12.6%
  10. Bath Beach 12.3%

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