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Jamaican Chef’s Dream Comes True in Fort Greene Restaurant

May 11, 2016


Stamp-and-Go and Callaloo Fritters. Photo courtesy of  ChildofMidnight

Stamp-and-Go and Callaloo Fritters. Photo courtesy of ChildofMidnight

Jamaican-born Lancelot Brown has always dreamed of opening his own restaurant, and now that dream has become a reality. Ever since he got involved in the culinary arts, completing not just one, but two culinary degrees, Brown has been hoping to one day have a restaurant to call his own.

Brown recently opened the Jamaica Grill on Myrtle Avenue in Fort Greene, between Hall Street and Washington Avenue.

“I knew from the first day I started in the culinary field I always wanted to open my own restaurant,” said Brown, a resident of Canarsie. “It’s one of the dreams I wanted to accomplish and accomplishing it is a momentous achievement for me.”

Brown moved to public housing in Canarsie from Jamaica 19 years ago, and has worked in other people’s eateries all over New York.

Opening his own restaurant is not the only dream that has come true for Brown. Twelve years ago he broke his back. The doctors told him he would most likely never recover the ability to walk, making the prospect of continuing his beloved profession difficult, if not impossible.

Brown however defied the doctors’ prognosis, and after years of intense physical therapy he is back up on his own two feet, in command of his very own kitchen.

“I wanted to do something more, because I knew I could do more,” Brown explained.

Now Brown is preparing his favorite dishes from his home country, which he says are not often done expertly.

“It’s one of those cuisines that you either have to go to Jamaica to have it or find somewhere that prepares it really well,” he said.



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