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Senator Schumer Introduces Bill to Ban K2 Components

July 21, 2016

Spice was originally sold as an incense, but has now swept the military community with controversy as a ‘legal’ designer drug. However, Marine Corps Order 5355.1, issued Jan. 27, directly prohibits the use, distribution, sale and possession of it and others like it.

The fight to reduce the danger posed by the use of K2, also known as “synthetic marijuana” was intensified last week when Senator Charles Schumer introduce a federal bill to ban some of the more common ingredients of the dangerous drug. Schumer was reacting to a serious uptick in the number of emergency room visits this past month in New York City as a result of K2 use..

New York has been struggling to reduce the number of people harmed by K2. Since January, 2015, the city seemed to be seemed to be succeeding. According to a city health department report released last week, there have been about 8,000 cases of people going to the emergency room because of K2 use. In June, 2016 the number was the lowest it had been at any point during the past year.

Then July came, and between the 11th and 13th of the month 130 K2 victims had to be transported to emergency rooms. On July 13th alone 33 people were sent to the hospital all in one incident.

There is already a city law against the manufacture, sale, or possession of “synthetic cannabinoids.” On Sunday Schumer said that it is impossible to keep up with the labs making K2, since they are always changing their recipes. He said that only a federal ban will improve the situation.

“Banning these drugs quickly will help the feds step up their game of whack-a-mole so that we can help stem the tide of synthetic drug use here in New York City and across the country,” Schumer said.


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