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Tropical Themed Venue Opens in Brooklyn

July 11, 2017

download (1)A new tropical complex has been revealed in Brooklyn at the Morgan stop. Measuring 80,000 square feet, the venue, called Avant Gardner, is split into three compounds: The Brooklyn Mirage, the King’s Hall and the Great Hall. The first, which officially opened last weekend, takes the form of a 40,000 square foot oasis complete with palm trees, cat walks, garden lounges and 5 full-service bars. It plans to host a wide range of events, from music to film to fashion to food fairs while offering a LA-like escape in the center of NY.

Though the venue got off to a rocky start with the local community, it has undergone a number of changes and co-founder Billy Bildstein has thanked Avant Gardner’s neighbors and supporters for their patience. He stated that they hope to show how they have improved and resolved some of last year’s issues.

Avant Gardner’s other two compounds are expected to open later this year, with plans to host concerts and other large shows. The entire complex covers one whole block, with the capacity to hold 6,000 people.


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